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The Monarch’s Way

One of my favourite commissioned maps, both in terms of the process of creating it, and the end result. I spoke with Lee-stuart before I started, to get some insight into his adventure, and it left me in stitches. So many amusing stories and events along the journey, that made creating this map an absolute joy.

The Monarch’s Way FKT / hand drawn illustration / 18” x 24” claybord panel / 2018

Here's what he had to say once the map was complete:

        "I commissioned Owen to create a very personal map of my Fastest Known Time on the Monarch’s Way in 2018. There is a certain magic that is required to do something as wonderful as his maps and the time he spent speaking to me, reading up on the detail and route and researching the history and context of my adventure shines through in his ink. The map is entwined with the people and events on my 625 miles journey, with wizards and peoples initials hidden in the landscape to reflect friends that helped, and giant vintage sea monsters on the map to reflect the heavy flooding that dogged my first week. It’s the little flourishes that make these maps so deeply personal, and a closer inspection of mine will reveal telephone boxes as shelters, sleeping rough, a run in with the law at night and an accidental house party as all parts of the bigger map. In a world of ubiquitous T shirts and medals this is a truly wonderful gift for any runner with a story to tell.”   - Lee-stuart Evans


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