Comrades Up

On 9th June 2019, I'm traveling to South Africa to run what's billed as the Ultimate Human Race - the Comrades Marathon.

In it's 94th year, it's also the the world's oldest ultramarathon, and the largest with around 20,000 people toeing the line.

The route alternates each year between the "Up run" from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, to the "Down run" from Pietermaritzburg to Durban. This year is an Up year, with a distance of 88km to cover, and around 2km of climb along the way.

I hope my legs are ready for this...

I created this hand drawn elevation profile, highlighting some of the key locations along the route, including "the big five" climbs - Cowies Hill, Fields Hill, Bothas Hill, Inchanga and Polly Shorts.

Drop me an email if you're interested in the original artwork, which was created on 28" x 14" Khadi hand made paper

Prints are also available in 16" x 8" size from my shop here.