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Making a map, part 3

September 2019

Further work in the mountains today, finishing off the hillshading for Mont Blanc and the surrounding peaks. My biggest fear doing this bit is splashing ink on the paper or worse, knocking the whole pot over...

Not today though.

Love the effect of the black ink wash for the moutains, suitably dramatic for an event like UTMB. 

Now that part is finished, it’s time to add some text, starting with the title and stats about the race. I like picking a good font to base my freehand writing on, and came across one called Foglihten no4, a nicely decorative serif for the “UTMB”. Plus Freebooter Script for the “Race 2019” and my standard Cormorant SC for the numbers.

The title gets sketched out roughly in pencil first.

Then freehand fineliner to finish it off.

UTMB Race 2019
171KM of ︎
10,000M+ of ︎, that’s a lot of up. And here’s me drinking tea from my Ashtead 10k mug!

More text to be added tomorrow along with some lines to reflect all that elevation gain.

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